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Ram Heavy Duty Review

In 2010 the Ram Heavy Duty trucks were redesigned and the results have been positive. The interiors saw a beautiful polish and it’s now akin to driving in a luxury car while towing some heavy action behind you. It’s a beautiful mixture of what feels good and what works well. The Ram Heavy Duty 3500 [...]

GMC Sierra HD Review

The GMC Sierra HD is meant for the big boy jobs of heavy towing and hauling and it’s a worthy competitor for the Ford and Chevy versions of the same type of truck. It’s loaded with a big beautiful engine, particularly if you go with the Denali version that could seemingly tow anything (that will [...]

Ford Super Duty Review

The Ford Super Duty is a truck designed for doing real work. If you just want to drive around town in a truck then buy something smaller and cheaper. This beautiful piece of machinery is meant for towing and hauling and it comes with all kinds of power for the task. If you go with [...]

GMC Sierra 1500 Review

The GMC Sierra 1500 hasn’t been redesigned since 2007 but that doesn’t mean it’s without value. After all, there’s no need to mess with something so pretty. The truck features a classic look and has enchanted buyers for years and continues to do so. The grille is big and shiny and that simple shape is [...]

Ram 1500 Review

The 2013 Ram 1500 truck has gotten a number of upgrades over the 2012 version that make it an attractive buy for anyone in the market for a big truck. Most impressive of all is the 20% increase in fuel efficiency that dovetails nicely with the increasing cost of gas. Any increase in the cost [...]

Ford F-150 Review

The Ford F-150 truck is the bestselling vehicle in the United States year after year and there’s good reason for that. It earns all the rave reviews it gets and the 2013 model adds technology boots like in cabin connectivity and the MyFord Touch controls that allow you to customize your driving experience in just [...]

Honda Ridgeline Review

The base price for the Honda Ridgeline falls just under $30,000, a fairly expensive ask for a truck that fails to occupy a comfortable space in the cab and bed world. It’s not quite big enough to be a full half ton truck but it’s bigger than most midsize pickups. Generally people want one or [...]

Toyota Tacoma Review

Toyota has always made simple, straightforward cars with little flare that are utterly dependable and fantastic. You don’t buy a Toyota Tacoma truck if you’re looking for a high performance vehicle; you buy one if you’re looking for something that’s going to last a decade with few problems. The newest version of the compact truck [...]

Nissan Frontier Review

When the Nissan Frontier debuted it was decidedly a compact truck designed to appeal to buyers in the low end of the market. It wasn’t made for hauling huge payloads but instead for someone with smaller needs. The second generation is bigger and more powerful as they responded to the market and provided a little [...]

Chevrolet Silverado HD Review

Here’s a fun fact: The Chevrolet Silverado HD has more towing and hauling power than the Ford F-350. They’re fairly similar models, in fact, so this review will likely do nothing to sway you one way or another. In fact, chances are good you already have an idea of which company you want to buy [...]