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Ford F-150 Review

The Ford F-150 truck is the bestselling vehicle in the United States year after year and there’s good reason for that. It earns all the rave reviews it gets and the 2013 model adds technology boots like in cabin connectivity and the MyFord Touch controls that allow you to customize your driving experience in just a few seconds.
The truck looks and feels big without being an insane gas guzzling monster and the price remains reasonable (one of the keys to making it a best seller year after year). The Ford F-150 truck comes standard with a 3.7 liter V6 engine that might seem a little underpowered but is actually capable of delivering all the thrust you need. It’s capable of towing more than 11,000 pounds, best in its class. You can choose from 10 different packages of options and additions so be sure to ask your Ford dealer to explain them all.